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6B47 Russian Military Tactical Helmet Replica. This product is a high-quality and accurate replica of the uniform military helmet of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - 6B47. The helmet of this model is a part of the modern equipment of servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Ratnik.
The original 6b47 helmet is produced by TsNIItomash, and was developed by the Armocom center. The helmet is made in such a way that it can be used together with communication equipment, night vision device, flashlight, balaklava, respiratory protection devices, tactical glasses and so on.
The replica of the helmet is equipped with a suspension device identical to the original helmet. There are two variants of a helmet: with a fastening for PNV (night vision device) and side rails another one without these fastenings. Replica military helmet is made from high impact fiberglass for a military-sports games. The helmet provides more coverage and protects the head from flying balls and shell splinters. The functioning of the suspension system of the helmet is completely identical to the original helmet. It uses the same slings and accessories. The edges of the helmet have abrasion resistant nylon edging. The size of the helmet is universal, adjustable internal suspension for height and girth. Weight about 0.7 kg.


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