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The Adler backpack from the SSO company, thanks to the use of modern materials and design, has a low weight, good capacity, provides comfort in use and is extremely reliable in operation. This backpack has a superficial resemblance to the EAGLE A III backpack made in the USA. Materials: The body of the Adler backpack is made of 100% nylon, which, with its low weight, provides good performance. Along the body of the backpack there are nylon cells for PALS lines, which allow expanding the volume of the backpack, as well as making the arrangement of things and equipment more comfortable and speeding up access to them. The main volumetric compartment of the backpack opens with a polyamide zipper that runs along the entire perimeter of the backpack to the very bottom. This provides quick access to the items stored in it, as well as reduce the speed of their retrieval. This compartment contains a pocket for the drinking system, the hole for the hose of which is located at the top of the backpack (under the carrying handle) and is covered with a rubber valve. In the lower part of the backpack there are two eyelets that provide active ventilation of the backpack and drain water that has got into it. The second compartment of the backpack is quite voluminous and also has 2 eyelets designed to wick moisture away. Fastening is carried out by a zipper running along the top of the backpack body. The third compartment also closes with a zipper going at an angle. It contains 3 pockets, one of which is divided into small cells that allow you to store items in a specific position and always have access to them. All zippers of the backpack are covered with a flap, which prevents moisture ingress and increases the zipper's survivability. In the upper half of the Adler backpack, there are 2 Velcro-panel sections that allow you to attach a wide range of motivational and identification patches up to IR reflectors, which allows the backpack to be used for military purposes. On the sides of the backpack there are nylon adjustable straps (2 on each side), fastened with polyamide fastexes and making it possible to fix some of the items on the outside. The shoulder straps and the waist of the backpack have cushioning inserts, stitched with mesh material, which improves ventilation and increases comfort in use. Similar inserts are located on the back of the backpack. The belt of the backpack fastens with a wide polyamide fastex and has a slot for PALS lines. The design of the Adler backpack allows you to unfasten the belt and use it yourself as a belt unloading system. The volume of the backpack is 35 liters.


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