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Russian Military Survival 6E3 Disposable Warmer





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AIST 6E3 Individual Disposable Warmers set Ratnik 6b52 Russian Military
The set includes 6 warmers:
5cm x 9cm - 4pc (works for 5 hours) and 10 cm x 11 cm - 2 pc. (work for 11 hours)
Each packet contain exothermal mixture of iron powder, salt and water retention substance. When a warmer is taken out of a sealed package it will heat up to 55 degrees Celcius in 10 minutes.
Heat is released due to oxidation of iron powder with oxygen in the air. Warmers can be placed in the inner pockets of clothing, gloves, mittens.
Aist 6E3 set of warmers is included in Ratnik 6B52 Russian military equipment set.


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