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Tactical Suit with kneepads THUNDER
The suit consists of trousers and a jacket. A modified analogue of the Russian-made Crye Precision tactical suit. Rip-stop main fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester). The suit also uses stretch panels, which are designed to improve the stretch of the pants in the right places and add comfort when worn. The panels are located on the lower back and around the knees.
The trousers have 5 belt loops for a belt up to 45 cm wide. All belt loops are equipped with loops. The fly has a zipper, and its top closes with Velcro, which achieves a very flat profile, which allows the most comfortable use of unloading belts or backpack belts. Velcro closure at the front patch pockets. In these pockets there is a cord for adjusting the height of the knee pads, equipped with a lock. Bulky hip pockets are set back slightly. Bottom pockets have Velcro closures, one extension insert and can be used, for example, to store PPIs. At the bottom there are pant leg volume adjusters that allow you to conveniently pull it along the boot volume.
The pants have the ability to install integrated knee pads. The knee pads consist of 2 elements: the elastic base is tucked into the knee pad pocket, and the protective rigid insert attached to it is straightened out. The fabric of the pants is inserted into a special groove in the knee pad, fixing it securely in the pocket. The position of the knee pad can be set using two adjustments. The volume adjustment is carried out by pulling the Velcro element under the knee, and the height adjustment is carried out with the help of a cord brought into the pocket from above.
Knee pads are included with the suit.
The jacket fastens with buttons covered with a placket. Stand-up collar with Velcro closure. Velcro panels are located on the sleeves, over the pockets for attaching insignia. On the elbows there are Velcro inlets for the installation of elbow pads. Chest pockets are located with a convenient slope, closed with a Velcro fixing flap. The pockets are patch and not stitched from the outside, forming an entrance for the hands. Jacket cuffs can be adjusted in volume and fixed with Velcro.


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