Russian Military Emergency Medical Bandage Fcp-02

Russian Military Emergency Medical Bandage Fcp-02





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FCP-02 Sealed Sterile Emergency Medical Bandage Military
FCP-02 elastic dressing 15 cm wide with a single cotton-gauze pillow. Width of 15 cm makes it easy and quick to apply a pressure bandage, including yourself, with one hand, onto a wide wound. This is a military version of the bandage package, known as the Israeli PPI. The original patented design was invented by an Israeli military medic.
The bandage kit consists of:
- x1 sterile cotton-cushion pillow (15x18 cm);
- elastic bandage 15 cm wide and 4.5 m long;
- plastic slingshot for creating pressure in the place of applying the cotton-gauze pillow;
- plastic fasteners for easy attachment of the end of the bandage to the bandage.
Thanks to the vacuum package, the package does not take up much space in the medicine pouch.
Two layers of packaging ensure the sterility of the package even when the integrity of the outer layer is damaged.


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