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Gorka storm suit is a legend. It was developed by BARS for military special forces and has withstood repeated checks in the Russian special forces. The suit has passed multiple tests. In it you will feel comfortable and safe in any conditions, do not even hesitate. Feel free to buy a Gorka costume in our online store at a low price. The field suit is also widely known and used in the civilian sphere - by tourists, fishermen, hunters, players of tactical games in airsoft, paintball. BARS has been producing suits for the military departments of Russia, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Defense since 1997, which means it meets the most stringent requirements for durability and quality. BARS has been producing Gorka camouflage suits since 1997. Perfection in everything Using the Gorka BARS suit The Gorka suits were carefully worked out: before the mass production, more than 8 test versions were created and each was subjected to field trials. The Bars model has been brought to perfection. The set includes a jacket, trousers and suspenders. The main material is 100 percent canvas fabric with blended or Rip Stop fabric inserts. CONVENIENCE IN EVERY MOVEMENT Gorka BARS has a moisture-repellent impregnation, made of tent fabric. The jacket fastens with buttons and has a windproof placket. There are several pockets on the suit. On the sleeves are inclined, large capacity with Velcro. At the bottom of the jacket there are large-volume pockets with folds to prevent items from falling out. On the knees and on the elbows there are inserts that protect against rubbing. The hood has a visor and adjusters for resizing, is made of double tarpaulin and fabric-blend trim. If necessary, the visor can be retracted inward. The buttons are easy to fasten and unfasten. Inside the jacket there is a pocket secured with an elastic band. The trousers have four pockets: two patch pockets, large capacity, with buttons; as well as two side ones, also of large capacity, cut into the seam. There are also pockets in the back of the trousers in a mixed fabric. The belt loops and suspenders are located on the very waist of the suit. The bottom of the pants has an elastic band, for additional protection it has another layer of fabric. Pants suspenders are made of elastic fabric, easy to attach and remove. Features of suits Gorka BARS Hands, waist, forearms, thighs and shins - these are the places where you can easily attach the jacket for added comfort thanks to the system of rubber ties and drawstrings. Sophisticated design of the Gorka BARS suit The well-thought-out design of the sleeve allows you to put on a warm and thick sweater under the suit. At the same time, movements are not shy, which is important for active movement. Strategic sections of the Gorka BARS suit Strategic spots such as the shoulder area, mid-hood are covered with an extra layer of blended or Rip Stop fabric to keep them dry. The “Gorka” does not have a shoulder seam either on purpose, so that water does not penetrate through it.




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