Id-1 Soviet Dosimeter Set

Id-1 Soviet Dosimeter Set





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The set of individual dosimeters ID-1 consists of 10 individual dosimeters ID-1 and charger ZD-6.

The kit is currently not available and comes with storage!

The measuring range is from 20 to 500 rad. The self-discharge of the dosimeter does not exceed: in 24 hours of one division (20 rad), 150 hours - two divisions (40 rad)

Structurally, the dosimeter ID-1 is made in the form of a fountain pen (“pencil”) and consists of:

-ionization chamber
-contact group in the aluminum case.

When exposed to ionizing radiation in the volume of a charged ionization chamber, the cylindrical electrodes of which are made of tissue-equivalent plastic, a current arises that reduces the potential of the chamber and the associated capacitor. In this case, the filament of the electroscope, to which the capacitor potential is supplied, is rejected and its deviation is measured with a microscope on a scale graduated in rad. The scale has 25 divisions, the division price is 20 Rad.

To ensure linearity of the scale, the charging potential of the ionization chamber is selected in the range of 180-250 V. Through the contact group of the dosimeter, it is charged using a charger; after the charge, the contact group protects the dosimeter from discharge.

The charger contains 4 parallel-connected piezoelectric elements and a mechanical amplifier, pressing on the piezoelectric elements; pressure is generated by the rotary knob.

For charging, the dosimeter is inserted by the contact group into the charger; when pressing on the dosimeter, plus is applied to the central electrode of the ionization chamber, minus to the external electrode. In this case, the dosimeter is set to zero on its scale.

Contents of package:

-set of 10 dosimeters ID-1;
-charger ZD-6;
-technical description and instruction manual;


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