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JZL-74 Russian Stab-Proof Vest Knife Body Armor Rare Russian ЖЗЛ-74 Body armor vest. Ideal body armor against any knives, rubber bullets. Vests are used. Cosmetically 3 out of 5. Need washing / dry cleaning. Or just removing or replacing the cloth cover. Metal elements are in perfect condition. You can just use the chainmail without cloth cover. Few pc in stock. For sizes 48-52 EUR / 38-42 chest US. 1 piece is available for size 54-58 (EUR). Detailed description: ZHZL-74 The vest is designed in 1974. The body armor elements are 74 to 50 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick (aluminum alloy ABT-101), are arranged in two layers, flakes in the layers are oriented in different directions, to eliminate lifting of the elements when weapons strike at different angles. This ensures high reliability protection against any knives. The complexity of the design ZHZL-74 is associated with an extremely overpriced during the design requirements for protection against bladed weapons and the need to protect the area. The vest closes the vital organs and is guaranteed to protect the body from blows with a knife, awl, needle (from which do not always protect Kevlar body armor 1-2 of protection classes, without hard armor elements). It also weakens the strikes from stones, ax, crowbar, other weapons of shock-crushing action due to the stiffness of the whole structure and its parts. Weight about 3 kg of body armor, a protected area of ​​43 - 47 Time of comfortable wearing - up to 8 hours without. During the 1962 - 1965 Russian steel research institute, involving aviation industry institutions developed this aluminum armor. As a bulletproof armor welded aluminum alloy high-strength composition Al-Zn-Mg was proposed that in the heat treated condition provides an optimal combination of strength and ductility. The alloy was standardized under the designation ABT-101 (aluminum armor tank) or mark 1901. Alloy ABT-101- is complexly deformed Thermally weldable alloys of Al-Zn-Mg system with a total content of Zn and Mg to 9% and the ratio of 2: 1 ( it is nearly 2-fold higher than in foreign aluminum armor alloys). This alloy has unique characteristics in mine and splinter-proof. This alloy has become the basis for the design of a series of light-armoured military vehicles (BMD-1, BMD-2, BMD-3).


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