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The suit is a modernized version of the suit for special forces of the 1982 model Mabuta. The costume includes a jacket and trousers.
     The jacket is equipped with six pockets - two patchbands volumetric sleeve, two welt with flaps on the chest, two inside pockets with waterproof liners. The bottom of the sleeves is regulated by buttons fastened with buttons, but unlike the BDU suit, the buttonhole of the special forces suit is closed so as not to cling to protruding objects. This is what the Spetsnaz suit differs from the original suit of the 1982 model - on the original suit, the bottom of the sleeve is adjustable with a slot and has one fixed position, which caused inconvenience in hot weather when it is not possible to roll up the sleeves - for example, when moving in dense undergrowth. This design of the sleeve, combined with mesh gussets in the armholes of the sleeves, provides good ventilation of the body in hot weather. The turn-down collar can be lifted and fastened with a pata on a Velcro textile fastener. Shoulder straps are removable, attached to long loops, which themselves can serve as shoulder straps. The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in volume with a removable belt with an elastic band fastened to several buttons. Jacket sleeves are reinforced at the elbows with a second layer of fabric.
      Straight trousers with a wide cavalry belt that protects the lower back (like a shortened jacket) with side ties - elastic bands, loops for a wide waist belt, equipped with seven pockets - two volumetric overheads on the front thighs, one waybill volumetric on the back on the left, one waybill volumetric on the right behind on the thigh, with a flap button fastened with countersunk buttons (the pocket is designed for carrying a knife), one welt-hole with a flap on the right behind, two welt-side welded, framed. The bottom of trousers is regulated by elastic bands. Valves of volumetric pockets are closed with burlap and when fastened with a secret button, they are wrapped - this valve design eliminates the loss of objects even when making parachute jumps. To improve ventilation, gussets are sewn into the groin in two layers of mesh. A characteristic feature of this suit are aprons - anthers on the underside of the trousers. Anthers refuel in boots and prevent small stones, sand, dust, snow from getting inside. Stripes are sewn to the bottom of the anthers - elastic bands that prevent the anthers from breaking out. For this purpose, the length of the trousers is increased to the bottom of the anthers. The trousers are reinforced with a second layer of fabric - in the back and around the knees. The costume is made of plain weave fabric with reinforcing thread rip-stop with a density of 230 g / m2, fabric composition 50 cotton, 50 polyester. All seams are double stitching with chain stitches, loops with an “eye”.


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