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A set of protection pads for the knee and elbow joints is included in the Ratnik equipment set and has the GRAU 6B51 index.

Protects knee and elbow joints from impacts both when moving in combat conditions and when interacting with armored vehicles. Protection is provided against shocks with an energy of 14 to 19 J. The area of protection for the elbow pads is about 1.1 dm, for the knee pads - about 1.5 dm. Shock absorption is provided by the X-shaped cup, which is made of HDPE.

Features 6b51

It is used both in the ground forces and in the Airborne Forces, marines, special forces, as well as in other power structures.

A convenient adjustment system makes it possible to adjust the knee pads and elbow pads in size. The adjustment system also allows you to attach the kit to the harness, both on the unloading system and on the backpack.

• Used by the Russian army
• Included in the set of military equipment Ratnik
• Production: JSC NPP KlASS
• Weight — about 500 grams
• Operating temperature range — from minus 40 to plus 50
• Cup material - HDPE (low pressure polyethylene)
• Lining material — pile
• Adjustable size


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