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OPF Russian Soviet Chameleon UV IR Nuclear Explosion Goggles Steampunk
Soviet Russian Army Mil OPF Goggles against UV/IR nuclear radiation with Plastic Case. Manual paper, army stamp, 100% original item! Made in USSR in 80-s! Rare!
OPF Russian Soviet Chameleon UV IR Nuclear Explosion Goggles
Vintage Soviet military goggles designed to protect during nuclear explosion. Chameleon technology.
Unique, extremely rare goggles to protect the soldier from the light emission of a nuclear explosion. Have high double photochromic (Chameleon) and infrared filters that effectively protect your eyes from the serviceman powerful light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation emitted by an atomic explosion. Filters easily transmit light of normal intensity, but instantly darken when exposed to strong light. Have a very convenient and reliable, in the best traditions of the Soviet defense, immortal design (milled steel parts rims, unique filters, very elaborate anatomical structure).
indeed rarity.


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