Papaha Russian Cossack Hat Papakha Sheepskin Lamb Astrakhan Fur

Papaha Russian Cossack Hat Papakha Sheepskin Lamb Astrakhan Fur





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Papaha Russian Cossack Hat Papakha Sheepskin Lamb Astrakhan Fur Genuine Cossack Papakha Hat Made of natural lamb sheepskin. (Astrahkan fur, karakul, persian lamb). High quality! Size is universal: 57-61 Metal badge will be included but not attached. Papakha was and is military uniform hat in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. And especially Caucasian counties. The Chechens since ancient times worshiped the headdress. Papakha there is a symbol of honor and dignity. "When the head is on its place, it must have a hat," "If you have no one to consult, consult with a hat" - these and other similar proverbs emphasize the importance and necessity hats for men. Except for the hood, headgear is not removed inside of a house. When visiting a city or an important event, a new, holiday papaha is worn. They are very carefully kept, wrapped in a clean cloth. To knock someone's hat off a head is considered unprecedented insult. A person could remove his cap, and leave it somewhere for some time and even in such cases, no one was allowed to touch the hat, realizing that they have to deal with its owner. When a man asks for something and takes off his hat, it is considered a meanness, worthy a servant. There is only one exception in this regard: hat can be removed only when asked for forgiveness vendetta. Mahmoud Esambayev, a great son of the Chechen people, brilliant dancer, well knew the value of hats in the most unusual circumstances forced to reckon with the Chechen traditions and customs. He is traveling around the world and being accepted into the highest circles in many countries, but he never took off his hat. Mahmud never, under any circumstances, took off the world-famous hat, which he called the crown. Esambayev was the only member of the Supreme Counsil of the Soviet Union, who in all the sessions of worn his hat. Witnesses said that the head of the Supreme Counsil Leonid Brezhnev before starting the work of the Council was staring into the hall and after he saw a familiar hat, said: "Mahmood in place, we can begin." We offer the widest range of Russian military fur hats at ebay. And we try to hold the lowest possible price for this quality item! Quilt lining is provided inside for your warmth and coziness. It can be both: a very stylish accessory and an unusual and interesting gift for your friends and relatives.


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