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The PRWU is a gas mask used by certain troops in Warsaw-Pact nations during the Cold War, appearing some time around the 1970s.

Only one EO-20 Filter is included!
Pictured EO-65 filter is not included.

It is a helmet-type gas mask, which stretches completely over the head. The overall shape of the 'face' of the mask is very similar to that of the Russian PBF and SchMs.
The eyes, which are not angled as much as those of the GP-5, are more suited to soldiers that must aim down an optical sight.
It can be found in either grey or black, like most other soviet gas masks of the time.
It accepts Russian 40mm filters.
It is based on the SchMs gas mask, the most significant difference between them being that the PRWU's voice diaphram cover lacks the holes found in the SchMs.' The reinforced cover was designed to protect the voice diaphram from the heat of a missile lauch, as the PRWU was intended for use by missile crews.
Another minor difference between the PRWU and SchMs is that the metal neck near the filter/tube attachment has a shallow bump, which is meant to serve as an attachment point for a rubber/canvas sleeve that is meant to protect the mask's rubber hose from the heat of a missile lauch.
The PRWU kit also includes a specialized bag, which is meant to hold the filter. The bag has two holes puched in the bottom, so that the filter can be placed in the bag and take in air.
The mask is new, unused surplus. You will receive everything that you see on the pictures.
The small extra filter is intended to protect from the components of rocket fuel. It is screwed into the main filter when needed.


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