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Statutory army sleeping bag. Coloring digital flora, EMR. Usage: up to -18C. Outer Fabric: 100% Polyester. Inner Fabric: Polyester. Coloring: Digital Flora EMR. Can Be Used As A Blanket. The Army sleeping bag is completely unfastened - an indispensable thing when spending the night on a camping trip. A lover of military style will surely like it, because today the “digital flora” color is officially accepted for the uniform and equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. The sleeping bag perfectly retains heat without creating a greenhouse effect. At the same time, thanks to the design features and the top cover made of polyester, the sleeping bag does not let moisture in. It is comfortable to sleep in both summer and winter (at temperatures up to minus 18 degrees). Belongs to the type of blanket, equally wide along the entire length, fully unfastened. A feature of the model is the presence in the kit of a thin cloth made of fabric, separate from the sleeping bag itself. If the night was hot you can use the bag as a mattress and sleep, covered with a thin sheet. The color digital flora is non-marking, small impurities on it are completely invisible. Made of waterproof, durable fabric, insulation - holofiber. The sleeping bag is laid out like a blanket or bedding for two people. Trapezoid shape. Suitable for size 60, 6 growth inclusive. Sizes: in the unfolded 200 by 90cm, in the folded - 60 by 30. It is comfortable to sleep in both summer and winter (at temperatures up to minus 18 degrees - the temperature is extreme). Trapezoid shape. Weight is about ~ 3.8 kg. New. Made in Russia.


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