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Papakha is an indispensable part of men's national mountain clothing. They are different in appearance and cut, but the main thing is that a real hat is not only a headdress. Papakha is the pride of the owner. To emphasize welfare, they sought to buy the most beautiful and expensive hat.
The papakha appeared among the highlanders, and then was taken over by the Cossacks, and so it consolidated. But the real mountain hut cannot be confused with anything. Highlander on a horse or a shepherd among his sheep - their image always appears in a hat on his head. On all old family photos of a man, they are certainly in a papakha hat.

- 100% environmentally friendly materials.
-  Warm and waterproof Good thermoregulation.
-  In the mountains, a man used a papakha as a comfortable
-  Hat repeatedly saved the warrior from hitting drafts.

To knock off a hat from the head was considered an insult. In the Caucasus, in the mountain villages, it was always considered beautiful if a man is slim, fit and tall. Apparently, the papakha helped the highlanders feel higher, more self-confident.


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