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Gas Mask Filter GP-7

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The filtering and absorbing box (80-90 years of manufacture, new) is used for air purification. The box is cylindrical in shape, has a screwed neck with an annular rim for tight connection with the front of the gas mask through a connecting tube. At the bottom of the box there is a round hole through which inhaled air enters. During storage, the neck of the box is closed with a screwed cap with a rubber gasket, a rubber stopper is inserted into the hole in the bottom of the box.
The gas mask filter (FPK) is suitable for all gas masks (GP-7, GP-5, GP-7VM, GP-7V, GP-9 PDF-2D, PDF-2Sh, etc.)
The protective ability of the filtering absorbing box from concentrations of toxic substances created in the field is practically unlimited.
It protects against the following gases: chlorine (40 min), hydrogen sulfide (25 min), hydrochloric acid (20 min), tetraethyl lead (50 min), ethyl mercaptan (40 min), nitrobenzene (40 min), phenol (200 min), furfural (300 min)
The recommended shelf life of 25 years. (document basis order of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation of 05.27.2003 (No. 285)


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