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Military Gas Mask IP-4 Rebreather

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Designed to protect the respiratory system, face and eyes in the presence of poisonous and highly toxic substances in the external environment that are not retained by the filtering gas mask, in the complete absence or lack of oxygen in the air, as well as when working in foci of chemical damage in conditions of high vapor concentrations and infection densities any poisonous and highly toxic substances.
The principle of operation of an insulating gas mask is based on the isolation of the respiratory organs, purification of exhaled air from carbon dioxide and water and its enrichment with oxygen without exchanges with the environment.
The insulating gas mask IP-4 is intended only for work on land.

Composition: mask, RP-4 regenerative cartridge, breathing bag, frame, bag.

Operating time without changing the regenerative cartridge:
- with heavy physical exertion - 45 minutes;
- at medium loads - 70 minutes;
- with light loads - up to 180 min.
Weight - 3.6 kg.
Operating temperature range - from -40 to + 40 ° C

The RP-4 regenerative cartridge has the shape of a cylinder 25 cm high and 12.5 cm in diameter. On the top cover of the cartridge there is a nipple socket for attaching a helmet mask and a screw type trigger with a check and seal. The starter is actuated after removing checks and seals. On the bottom cover of the cartridge is a nipple socket for attaching a breathing bag. Both nipple sockets are closed with caps and sealed.
The marking on the RP-4 regenerative cartridge is applied with waterproof mastic to the cylindrical part of the body: the first line is the name of the product - RP-4; the second line is the symbol of the manufacturer (in figures), the month and last two digits of the year of manufacture, the batch number; the third line is the cartridge number in the batch.

The helmet-mask SHIP-2b (k) consists of a body, a spectacle unit, an obturator and a connecting tube tightly attached to the helmet-mask. On the free end of the tube there is a nipple for attaching it to a regenerative cartridge. The connecting tube is placed in a case of rubberized fabric, which is longer than the tube and forms a visor above the nipple.
The ShIP-2b helmet mask (k) has a marking corresponding to the marking on the ShM-41Mu.

The breathing bag is made in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped, has a rubber eversion flange and a figured flange. In the figured flange, a nipple is attached, designed to connect the breathing bag to the regenerative cartridge. To protect the curly flange from being clamped, a spring is placed inside it, which, with its curved end, is mounted on the axis of the nipple. An overpressure valve is located in the eversion flange. In the upper part of the breathing bag are holders that attach it to the frame.

The frame of the IP-4 apparatus has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, made of duralumin. On top of the frame there is a clamp with a lock for mounting RP-4. The IP-4 apparatus is marked on the upper frame of the frame in the form of a stamp on a plate attached to the clamp: symbol of the manufacturer (numbers in a circle); product name — IP-4; batch number, product number in the batch, month and year of manufacture.

The bag of the IP-4 device has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped. The lid of the bag fastens with four buttons. Inside the bag is a pocket for a box with NP and a heat-insulating pad to protect the body and hands from burns during IDA operation.


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