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Russian Military Sheepskin Fur Long Coat Overcoat Pointsman Jacket Soviet. Genuine Soviet military surplus greatcoat. Army short fur coats have a number of unique characteristics: - Coat was developed specifically for guards who had to serve in the harshest conditions of the north, at a temperature of -30 degrees. The sheepskin coat perfectly warms its owner, even if the temperature drops even lower. - For sewing overcoat exclusively whole-quality pieces of high-quality leather are used, covered with long natural pile (sheep’s fur). - Due to its completely natural composition, such a sheepskin coat is hypoallergenic. - The bottom of the backes has the shape of a wide elongated skirt that does not hinder movements when walking, and a high stand-up collar reliably protects from piercing wind and prickly snow. - The army sheepskin coat does not require special care, it is enough to wipe it periodically with an ordinary wrap brush. - It is never cold or too hot in a bekkesh, as it creates an optimal microclimate for a person. This Russian coat is unused excellent condition. Was made in Kirov in 1985. Genuine sheepskin leather and fur. Very warm and heavy jacket. Size 50-52 (US 40-42 chest)


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