Russian Spetsnaz Uniform Patch Set

Russian Spetsnaz Uniform Patch Set





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Original Russian army special forces complete uniform patch set.
High quality pvc (rubber) patches. All standard Russian miltary sizes.
jacket back spetsnaz sign 27x7 cm (10.5x2,75 inches);
chest spetsnaz sign 12x3 cm (4.7x1.2 inches);
VV MVD RF (Internal Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation) with flag 12x3 cm (4.7x1.2 inches);
AK-47 and with red star and fist - Spetsnaz forces logo patch (11x8 cm) with arc spetsnaz sign patch (11x3 cm);
MVD Russia with flag and two-headed eagle sleeve patch (9x7 cm);
Flag hat (beret) patch (8cm long);
and we also include nice rubber keychain (not official military item) with spetsnaz logo as a gift.
MVD sleeve patch can be with or without eagle.


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