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Brand new genuine famous SPOSN's (SSO) Reversible Partizan suit. Reversible summer double sided camouflage suit. Hooded jacket, pants, mosquito net, cover for transportation.
Suit provides better camouflage compared to traditional camouflage suits. Sweatshirt with hood and loose pants make the costume look baggy, thus do not emphasize the human figure. All pockets and other structural elements can be reversed and at the same time retain functionality. Structural features of hood provide better hearing conditions. The jacket has two pockets with buttons. Elastic ribbon spanned wrists. Waist adjustment of jacket.
Elbow area reinforced with a second layer of fabric. Shoulder area, sleeves and hood lined with loops for attaching additional elements of camouflage. Adjustable with two cords hood with visor. Mosquito net is also used for masking the face - can be put on and of quickly regardless of the suit.
All buttons are attached with ribbon legs, which excludes the possibility of their separation. Pants are equipped with two back pockets, two side slits are provided for ventilation and access to underwear, elastic waist with an extra rope tie and loops for attaching suspenders. Knees and back of trousers reinforced with second layer of fabric. Bottom of pants has elastic tape.
Camouflage suit is designed for use in different regions and climatic zones. Depending on the colors can be used at different times of the year. Made from mixed fabric of polyether-viscose. Color options: Summer, autumn. Often used by unofficial russian military forces. Popular camo pattern among airsofters.
Made in Russia.


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