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Brand new genuine famous SPOSN's (SSO) Reversible Sumrak suit. Camouflage suit for summer backgrounds, double-sided. Old famous Soviet Berezka camo pattern.
Costume includes Jacket - anorak with hood, pants, removable mesh for masking the face and insect protection, cover for transportation. Baggy costume design does not emphasize the silhouette of a human figure, and the ability to turn out the suit allows for use in two types of backgrounds: in the woodland and burnt meadow.
Pockets and loops for attaching native vegetation are duplicated the face and reverse side of the costume. Welt pockets with flaps fastened with buttons, located on jacket. Anorak jacket - strengthened by a second layer of fabric on the elbows, back and knees of pants. Hood is adjusted with cord. Waist of jacket, sleeves and bottom of pants can be adjusted using cord. 2 back welt pockets of trousers with flaps fastened on the buttons; 2 side welt pockets. The costume is made of light mixed fabric 67% polyether, 33% viscose. Two-color the Soviet 1957 human silhouette disguising pattern.


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