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Unloading system Password from the SSO company is excellent for use both for military purposes and for military-sports games. The lots of adjustments of the vest allows it to be used both as a separate system and in conjunction with a body armor. The vest material is nylon, which provides excellent performance at a low weight. The chest rig consists of shoulder straps and a chest platform with a belt buckle on the fastex. The chest panel has a number of integrated pouches that allow you to carry seven pouches for magazines of the AK series. The pouches' valves are fastened with a metal button and with a Velcro panel on the other. This method of fastening the valves allows them to be removed and replaced with quick-detachable elastic ties, which makes it possible to reduce the speed of removing the magazines. In the upper part, the platform has slots for PALS lines, which allow to additionally secure the widest range of pouches and additional equipment. From the inside, the chest platform has 3 pockets: one mesh and two nylon, closed with a Velcro panel. The volume of the compartments allows them to be used both for utilitarian purposes and for wearing armor plates. If necessary, the upper part of the chest platform can be folded up and put into a special pocket. The shoulder straps have ventilated cushioning inserts that increase the comfort in use of the vest. Anti-slip inserts are sewn on the front shoulder straps. There is a sewn evacuation strap on the back of the straps. The shoulder straps are attached to the chest panel using four nylon straps fastened with wide fastexes: two at the edges and two in the center. Any belts produced by the SSO company (RS-31, RS-35, etc.) can be used as a waist base in the vest. Vest weight - 1550 grams


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