Russian Tactical Spetsnaz Half Gloves Rage Olive

Russian Tactical Spetsnaz Half Gloves Rage Olive





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Russian Tactical Half Gloves Rage. Made in Russia by SPLAV.
Tactical semi-gloves with molded plastic impact protection and reinforcing pads.
The soft cushions on the inside of the palm are reinforced with wear-resistant anti-slip material
Molded plastic protection for the knuckles and bones of the first phalanx
Velcro cuff stays securely on the wrist
On the inside of the cuff is a loop for hanging and easy to put on

Faux leather




Bought these recently. Despite some initial suspicions due to poor past experiences with other militaria-related websites, I was really happy to find out that the gloves arrived safe and sound to me in a bit under two weeks.

Aside from recommending the website as a whole, I would also recommend these gloves in specific (regardless of whether they're fingerless or not). The people that designed these gloves should be proud of their creation, and it's far cheaper than a lot of similar tactical gloves that I could buy from local websites.

I'm happy with the product, the kindness of the customer service and the delivery itself, so I really have few criticisms to give - if any at all.

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