Splav Tactical Vest Pioneer M23

m 23 chest rig





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CHARACTERISTICS Adjustable size from 46 to 68, for any height. Compatible with climbing system. Detachable loops for fastening the unloading / pistol belt are sewn on the bottom 4 pockets for shops, each holds 2 AKM / AK-74 stores or 1 RPK / RPK-74. Height adjustment by Velcro valve, the volume is pulled together with a wide elastic band sewn in to protect the contents from hanging out. 2 extreme pockets are sewn to the bib so that their back wall forms hidden flat pockets with an entrance from above, in which 1 CPD can be carried 4 pockets for shots VOG-25 / VOG-25P, each holds 2 shots. Individual shots are held internally in elastic cells. You can use the pocket for other items (for example, for hand grenades or small things) 2 pockets for shots VOG-25 / VOG-25P, each holds 1 shot 2 pockets for a bayonet-knife or 1 RSP. A simple pocket with an open top, a snap hook for attaching the scabbard and a velcro fastener. 3 pockets for hand grenades (2 sewn on the sides, 1 on the left shoulder strap in front). Each has an internal pocket for the fuse and a carbine on the cord, fastened to the check for a cocking grenade with one hand 1 large pocket for flat objects (card, scarf, etc.) with an entrance from above Total Saturation: 1) 8 AKM / AK-74 or 4 RPK / RPK-74 stores 2) 10 rounds of VOG-25 / VOG-25P 3) 1 bayonet knife 4) 3 or 4 (without bayonet-knife) RSP 5) 3 hand grenades Slings: 100% Nylon Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands) bonded nylon filament Material: Cordura® 1000d (100% Nylon) Oxford 210d (100% Nylon) Hardware: Duraflex® Velcro: Alfatex® (Belgium) Weight: 1100 g


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