Smersh-a Tactical Vest Chestrig Ak Mags

Smersh-a Tactical Vest Chestrig Ak Mags





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SImilar to SSO Smesrh vest, this vest is bade by a Bars affiliate company. And it is also a very good quality vest. Smersh-A tactical vest AK Mags.
Belt-shoulder system of the submachine gunner;
Adjustment in size from 46 to 60;
Material: 100% polyester (600 den);
Weight: 1450 grams;
Made in Russia. The system includes:
- Cargo bag (8 liters), in which all elements are initially packed;
- Two pouches for AK mags and signal rockets (in total there are eight AK magazines and two flares);
- Two pouches for grenades (in total there are four RGNs or RGOs);
- Suspender (belt-shoulder system);
- Hard belt and tactical belt.
- Ergonomic arrangement of structural elements, soft shoulder inserts are integrated into shoulder straps and waistband;
- Pockets have holes for draining the water;
- The valves are fastened with Velcro tape and buttons, the system itself is fastened with a fastex type;
- On the shoulders there are belts, which allow to fasten additional elements with the help of the MOLLE system; This vest is used by various special forces of the Russian Federation.


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