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Soviet Military Map Distance Meter

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The KU-A curvimeter is designed to measure the lengths of segments of curves and curved lines on topographic maps, plans for graphic documents. The measurement error does not exceed 25 millimeters on a measurement length of 500 millimeters. The curvimeter has two scales: metric - with measurement limits from 0 to 100 centimeters and an inch - with measurement limits from 0 to 39.4 inches.
Measurements are made by rolling the curvimeter bypass wheel along the measured lines, precisely following all the convolutions of the contour. Before measuring lengths, it is recommended to set the arrow to the beginning of the scale of rotation of the bypass wheel in the measuring direction. The device has a pointer for installing the device at the starting point of the measured segment.
Dimensions: 75 × 35 mm
Сolor: black
Material: metal
Production Zlatoust State Watch Factory (USSR)
Weight 100 g


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