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Civilian Gasmask GP 7 Kit

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Civilian gas mask GP-7 is a filtering tool for individual protection of the respiratory system, eyes and face of a person, designed to protect the respiratory organs, eyes and skin of the adult population from chemical warfare agents, emergency chemical substances (with the exception of ammonia and its derivatives), radioactive dust and biological aerosols. It can be used by personnel of the emergency rescue units of the civil defense forces. New unused surplus.
Designed in 1983 and still in production.
The set of civilian gas mask GP-7 includes:
Front part of MGP (for GP-7) or MGP-V (for GP-7V) - 1 piece;
Filtering and absorbing box (FPK) GP-7k in a metal case - 1 piece;
Gas mask bag - 1 piece;
Anti-fog films NPN-59 - 6 pieces;
Rubber clamping cords - 2 pieces;
Flask cover - 1 piece (only for GP-7V);


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