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Splav Thermo Flask Sv-400 Vacuum Stailnless Steel Thermos Bottle





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Splav Thermo Flask SV-400 Vacuum Stailnless Steel Thermos
Compact stainless steel flask
With double walls and vacuum insulation.
The hinged lid is opened with one hand, which allows to use the flask in the car without being distracted from the road.
Due to the complicated locking mechanism of the lid, an accidental opening (for example in a backpack) is virtually impossible. Press on the locking mechanism must be simultaneously from both sides with a tangible effort.
The shape of the neck allows you to drink hot drinks.
Easy and convenient to carry.
Special stainless steel type 304 18/8
Weight: 287 g
Volume: 400 ml
Size: ∅6.5 × 20.5 centimeters
Are you tired, frozen, rolling in the homesickness, and now you do not want to move anywhere? Remove the thermos from the backpack, swallow hot tea, and if the mood does not change, then everything is really very serious. Because even a few sips of hot tea tone, warm in the cold and help better transfer the heat.
Or maybe you like coffee? ..
We offer you a small, convenient stainless steel thermo flask.
With such a thermos, you can ski, wander through the woods, steer by car, bicycle or ATV, even waiting for your beloved does not seem so long if instead of looking at your watch all the time, you will sip your favorite drink calmly.
This small thermos has a lot of advantages.
Made of special stainless steel (type 304 18/8), it is very durable.
The double walls of the flask are separated by a vacuum layer, which prevents heat exchange, providing thermal insulation. Thus, the temperature of the contents varies slowly, and the outer surface of the jar does not heat up.
The plastic cover automatically reclines, obeying the pressure on the rim of the thermos plug with the fingers of one hand, which is very convenient when the second hand is occupied.
A small drinking hole and a shaped cork shape allow you to drink hot drinks right on the run or behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle.
The plastic plug is easily unscrewed. Thus, it is easy to brew tea in a flask, it is easy to wash, and fans of cold drinks can throw ice cubes there.


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