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Genuine Soviet army soldier uniform jacket and pants - Telogreika (Rus. Body warmer). Telogreika (or Fufaika) - winter outwear, part of Soviet winter army official uniform first issued by the Red Army during the German-Soviet War (WW2) - quilted cotton jacket with a strap and buckle on the buttons. Sewn, usually of cotton fabric with insulation made of cotton, which has repeatedly stitch parallel through a small gap. Lightweight, soft, easy to manufacture and low-cost, padded jacket, as the most massive winter jackets in Russia has always been a symbol of the very functional clothing, where aesthetics completely replaced the purely pragmatic grounds. Made in the USSR virtually unchanged for over 60 years. At the end of XX century, thanks to the efforts of some couturiers using modern synthetic materials has attracted fashionable women in the West, as the subject of post-Soviet style. You will receive suit that was made in about 1973. Same suits were used in WW2. New, never used Russian military suplrus in perfect condition.


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