Universal Tactical Helmet Pouch Case Bag Cover Molle Olive

Universal Tactical Helmet Pouch Case Bag Cover Molle Olive





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Universal Case for tactical helmet (olive) - made of wear-resistant and moisture-proof material Cordura 1000 D. The inner compartment is lined with soft foam. It closes with a zipper and is fixed with a fastex fastener. Weight - 420 g The bag is suitable for storing and carrying ballistic helmets of all modern types, both Russian (6b47, AZSH-2, Alfa, ZSH series, etc.) and foreign (ACH, MICH, Ops-Core, M88, PASGT, etc.) production In moments when wearing a helmet is not required, such a bag is much more convenient for storing and carrying an army helmet. There are additional compartments for small accessories. Inside there are two mesh pockets with zippers and a strap for fixing the helmet. On the back panel, there are two slings for attaching to backpacks and unloading systems. Dimensions - 32 x 15 x 23 cm. Stitched with MOLLE slings on the sides and back. The pouch can be carried both by a convenient handle and attached to a vest or equipment. When the helmet is worn on the soldier's head, such a bag is good for carrying various equipment, ammunition or a first aid kit.


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