5 VOG Military Pouch Molle

sso vog pouch





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The pouch is designed to carry five shots of VOG - 25 / VOG - 25P to the GP - 25 / GP - 30 underbarrel grenade launcher. Bag of the closed type, of two types - under the left and right hand, with five separate cells with volumetric valves for one shot each. The valves are fastened with Velcro and a button. Two lower parts of the button are installed on the cells of the bag, for fastening the valve to different heights in the positions for VOG - 25 and VOG - 25P. Panel to which cells with a rigid inner lining are sewn. For platforms, vests and belts with the PALS (MOLLE) system, the bag is attached with two vertical and three horizontal belt tapes. Vertical belts have rigid inserts and fasten to the bottom of the bag with metal buttons. To fasten the bag horizontally and vertically on the waist belt, three vertical and four horizontal belt loops are sewn onto the rear wall of the platform. Dimensions pouch: Total height - 120 mm; Cell wall height - 80 mm; The length along the front walls of the cells is 40 mm; Width - 40 mm. The weight of an empty bag made of fabric with a density of 500D is 195 grams.


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