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Genuine Russian Military Tactical Ballistic Goggles 6B34 3rd gen Ratnik
Third generation Goggles 6B34 differ from the second gen with increased to 6.4 mm thickness of the lens (the second gen. was 3.3 mm). 6b34 is a part of the battle protective kit Permyachka and also included in the 6b38 kit.
Provide protection against shrapnel, as well as a short (10 seconds) protection to open flames. Ballistic resistance V50% ≥ 350 m / s (fragment simulator - steel ball with a diameter of 6.35 mm).
Lens made of optically clear polycarbonate and has a first class optical GOST (EN 166), allowing a pair of eyeglasses with no time limit and a great panoramic view without distortion. Body has ventilation ports to ensure free air circulation. Glass also has anti-fog and anti scratch coating. Googles are compatible with corrective lenses.
Protective characteristics remain stable in the temperature range from - 40C to + 40C also after exposure to moisture (rain, sleet, etc.), as well as the after 4 times of deactivation, decontamination, disinfection. Weight (without pouch for storage and transportation) - not more than 200 g Can be worn on a belt. Great goggles for airsofters, reenactors and any outdoor activity.


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