Protection and survival equipment

Knee pads with a tough and durable outer layer and a resilient soft backing along with identical elbow pads are included in the standard equipment of soldiers of assault units of all armies of the world. Lightweight and comfortable, they do not interfere with movement, do not create discomfort. The camouflage paint makes the knee and elbow pads invisible against the background of a camouflage suit. The sizes of knee pads and elbow pads are selected so that the joint is reliably covered from traumatic influences from all sides. Elastic mounts make wearing a resilient, padded face shield effortless. At the same time, the belts confidently hold the equipment in place, allowing the user to immediately kneel down, not notice the moment of contact with hard and even sharp surfaces, and actively use their elbows when choosing a position for shooting or in hand-to-hand combat.