6B45 Bodyarmor Olive Russian Military

6B45 Bodyarmor Olive Russian Military





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Russian military Ratnik 6B45 bodyarmor. Olive. Airsoft Replica! No armor plates. Suitable for airsoft, paintball. Full set of Russian body armor 6b45 with quick release system. Inner filler to add volume and shape which is easy to take out. Filling: Polyurethane foam, to give volume and shape. Full set includes: Base vest; Shock absorbers - 4 pcs; Groin protection; Shoulder protection - 2 pcs. This vest is a replica (copy), does not have ballistic properties. Serves for games like airsoft. About the original vest: Bulletproof vest 6b43 was accepted for supply by the RF Ministry of Defense - by order of the Minister of Defense No. 950 dated July 14, 2010. The designation of the ROC is Zabralo-Sh. Deliveries since 2011. Bulletproof vest 6b45 was put into service in 2014. It is a means of individual armor protection for military personnel of the ground forces, airborne troops, marines of the Navy and special forces. 6b43 and 6b45 Part of the Ratnik combat equipment set. Design description: Replica vest has a quick release system (just like in the original). It consists of a chest, dorsal, and two side elements connected to each other with a sling through an adjustable buckle. On the chest part there are two shoulder rollers to support the butt during shooting. On the back there are stops that prevent the weapon belt from slipping. The body armor replica has a collar to protect the neck, if necessary the collar can be folded. The inner part of the sections has removable CAPs (climatic shock-absorbing supports) made in the form of vertical strips that provide a reduction in contusion (extra-barrier) impact (in the original), as well as ventilation of the under-vest space. Has removable protection of shoulders and inguinal area. Filler: This is not just an empty case, it is a case with filling, inside there is 1 cm thick polyurethane foam, which gives shape and volume to the body armor. Weight: The replica of the bulletproof vest weighs only 1.5 kg (the original weighs 10 kg). The time of continuous wearing of body armor depending on its weight: weight of body armor up to 8 kg - 12 hours, weight of body armor up to 9 kg - 9 hours. Differences of 6b43 from 6b45: The original body armor 6b45 is without a case, it does not have access to aramid screens. In 6b43, the chest plate is inserted from the bottom on the back of the chest section, in 6B45 from the bottom on the outside. In 6b45, the connection of the side elements is carried out using Velcro, in 6b43 the sidewalls are connected with a buckle (fastex). In 6b45 it has a handle for evacuation on the back, in 6b43 it is absent. In 6b45, the number of cells on the front is less than in 6b43. Copies: It copies the combat original as much as possible, all sizes and pockets correspond to the combat product. You can insert the original protection into the replica without any problems. Replica material: Mogotex Domestic analogue of foreign fabric Cordura 1000D. Mogotex fabric passed all severe state tests and was adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for sewing all types of equipment for the military. The experience of almost a decade of testing in real combat conditions confirms the excellent quality, strength and durability.


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