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Flag of the Soviet air Force. (abbreviation VVS or BBC in Russian) 90 x 135 cm.  (35 x 53 inches). The flag of the USSR Air Force is a star with a sickle and a hammer, from which narrow yellow and blue wings diverge in a variable, in addition, an aviation emblem of the wings with a propeller and an airplane is applied. During the holidays, the flag was exhibited at airfields and hung out on buildings under the jurisdiction of the Air Force After the October Revolution, on the basis of the flight units left from the Imperial Air Fleet, the formation of the Air Force of the young Soviet Republic began. When the positions of Soviet power were sufficiently strengthened on the world stage, a need arose for new military paraphernalia. In this regard, in 1924, on August 24, the Decree of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union was issued, which officially approved the airfield flag of the squadrons. In 1967, it became the flag of the USSR Air Force, and its official description dates back to 1980. A blue rectangular panel with a ratio of width to length of two to three, on the short free side there is a golden fringe. At a distance of 1/3 from the upper part, on its transverse central axis, there is a stylized image of the sun (yellow circle), inside the circle there is a five-pointed red star, one end of which is turned upwards, in the center of the star there are yellow crossed hammer and sickle. The diameter of the circle is 1/4 of the width, the radius of the star is two-thirds of the radius of the circle. Fourteen yellow diverging rays go to the edges and to its corners from the yellow circle, their width at the circle is 1/24 of the width, near the edges - 1/12. Four rays go to the corners, two - on the transverse axis, two - are directed parallel to the horizontal axis, the remaining rays are evenly spaced in the gaps. In the center there is a propeller ring with a radius of 1/16 of the length of the black transverse axis, a black propeller is located horizontally. The ends of the blades are at a distance of one sixth of the central axis on both sides of the center. In the widest part, the size of the blade is 3/4 of the radius of the ring. The red star is supported by wings resting on the propeller ring. The wings have a span equal to seven radii of the yellow circle, the intermediate distance between the wings is one radius of the circle. From the point of view of heraldic science, the blue color of the cloth symbolizes the color of the sky, yellow is a symbol of the Sun, a red star with a hammer and sickle is a symbol of the Armed Forces of the USSR, a propeller and wings are a symbol of the Air Fleet. More than one generation of pilots was brought up under him. It was under him that many glorious military victories were made during the Second World War and the birth of jet aviation took place. Under it, Soviet aviation took part in many local conflicts. The USSR Air Force is a symbol of an entire era, and the murmur of indignation is not surprising when, in 2004, it was replaced by the flag of the Russian Federation.


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