What is the Gorka suit

Suit Gorka Historical name: windproof mountain suit. The suit has become one of the symbols of modern Russian uniforms and is the favorite field clothing of many military personnel, tourists, hunters and fishermen.     The suit Gorka stands out in a long row of field uniforms and tactical uniforms due to its unique operational properties.   The modern Gorka comes from a mountain wind-shelter suit made of a jacket and trousers sewn from tent canvas. In the USSR, such costumes became widespread and deservedly popular after the use of Soviet internationalists in Afghanistan during the battles. Having been tested in mountainous areas under extreme conditions,   Gorka has so established itself that it has gained wide popularity and distribution. Mountain tarpaulin suits are popular not only because of their protective properties, but also because of their unpretentiousness in service and their amazing resistance to external influences.   The suit will protect during a long hike, will dry up near the evening fire and will not suffer from possible sparks. Suit Gorka are made of dense canvas (100% cotton).   Currently, various mixed fabrics, including camouflage colors, are used for producing these suits.   Composition and materials Modern “Gorkas” are made of dense tent cotton (cotton) fabric, and rip-stop fabric (cotton and polyester) is used as decoration and reinforcement for critical areas for wear and wetting. In more functional and expensive suits, a reinforcing fabric uses a membrane fabric that protects against getting wet and dirt much better than mixed fabric.  

1. The free cut was designed so as not to hamper the movement of a fighter in the highlands. 
2. You can wear it over clothes.
3. Wide collar for better air exchange and ease of quick dressing through the head.
4. Pockets, wrists and elbows reinforced with an extra layer of wear-resistant nylon.
5. Elastic band on the sides of the waist and on the wrists.
6. Five pockets: two on the hem, two on the sleeves and one large “kangaroo bag” in front.
7. Spacious hood with well-adjustable stretch cords.
8. Unlike the Gorka-3K model, reinforcing pads are made of RipStop material. Under the covers there is a compartment for inserting elbow pieces / foam.         Trousers 
1. The free cut was designed so as not to hamper the movement of a fighter in the highlands. 2. Wear over clothing. 
3. Button width. Elastic is sewn into the waist. 
4. Reinforced knees, saddle and lower legs. 
5. Elastic at the waist and around the calf. 
6. Two large cargo pockets, two rear pockets and welt pockets on the sides. 
7. Elastic suspenders are attached to the sides (included).