Russian Military Winter Gloves

Russian Military Winter Gloves





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Winter gloves for military personnel were developed specifically for the Russian army, but can also be used as gloves for hunting, fishing, tourism and just for everyday use.
Externally, military gloves have a protective camouflage color and can be used in cold weather.
The fabric of the gloves is made of cotton-polyester fabric with a water-repellent impregnation, thanks to which hands are reliably protected even in rain or snow.
The inner part of the gloves is made of genuine leather (nubuck), so you can pick up hot objects without fear of burning them. In addition, the leather surface improves the quality of fixation of objects in the hand, preventing them from slipping away at the most unnecessary moment.
The wrist has an elastic band (bottom) and a Velcro strap (top) that regulates the girth.
The inner part of the gloves is insulated with a material made using the same technology as Thinsulate, which provides additional comfort when worn.
Material: Cotton polyester fabric, genuine leather (nubuck), Thinsulate insulation (synthetic)
Available sizes: 28


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