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Army suit Flora (winter) consists of a jacket with a hood, a turn-down fur collar, and warm trousers with aids (straps) with removable warm lining. When preparing for the winter season, do not forget about the warm winter uniform, the winter suit for the flora is perfect for the military, people working in security organizations, fishermen and hunters, lovers of time-tested comfortable winter clothes. The suit is a double-breasted jacket on a warm lining with a turn-down collar, as a rule, uniform heavy warm work clothes in the form of a jacket from the military of the Russian Armed Forces. A pea jacket is sewn freely for the movement of arms and body, and on the back at the waist it is pulled together with braid. The collar is usually turndown, soft, lined with cloth. Saying pea jacket, most often and first of all, they mean the uniform of the military uniform the color of the flora or the slang name of the army wadded jacket. The jacket (pea jacket) is fastened with buttons hidden by a windproof strap. The jacket with long sleeves is equipped with four capacious outer pockets with flaps and one secret, fastened with a button. Pants with stitched arrows and a stitched belt have a double fastener - buttons. The lining and the outside of the trousers are fastened separately. Registered camouflage military field suit, made of dense fabric 100% cotton with impregnation, has high wear resistance, strength and durability, the fabric dries quickly, does not shrink during washing and has good tensile strength.


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