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Protective goggles with direct ventilation ZP1 PATRIOT were used in wartime by pilots and tankers.
    Purpose: Eye protection
    Color: transparent
    Material: Mineral toughened glass (U)
    Protection: From mechanical influences
Protective properties
• Glasses with oversized mineral toughened glasses in a rigid metal glass holder with effective ventilation of the pod space, a soft rubber shutter, covered with a resistant and hygienic fabric and an adjustable headband.
• Protection against solid particles with kinetic energy of at least 0.6 J.
• Weight - no more than 95 g.
• The optimal combination of materials used and high performance properties provide maximum comfort in harsh industrial conditions associated with high temperature conditions, with a high amount of abrasive, oils, fats and other pollutants.
• Safety glasses are highly scratch and abrasion resistant.


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