Bars Sumrak M1 Suit Flecktarn D

Bars Sumrak M1 Suit Flecktarn D





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Sumrak M1 Bars Genuine Russian Camo Suit - flecktarn d camo pattern. Sumrak-M1 Bars Genuine Russian Camo Suit - Flecktarn-D camouflage pattern.
Sumrak-M1 (Twilight - Modification 1) In fact, in the summer periods in the republics of the North Caucasus, in most cases, soldiers prefer to use light camo clothes like Sumrak instead of the standard camouflage summer field BDUs. This form of special clothing offers the best ease of use in the field during the covert operations of point-type subversive war. The baggy style costume lubricates the silhouette of a human figure, it is not so hot - provides better ventilation space, does not hinder the freedom of movement, the presence of elements such as the hood, tie on the bottom pants and sleeves provide the suit with best protective properties.
Also, there are loops for mounting natural camouflage (grass, tree branches and others.). As a result, there has been, as it were merging classical camouflage (camouflage overalls modernized type specimen, 1957, the so-called KLMK), worn over the field and everyday wear costumes in a single product with the properties of field camouflage suit. The suit is designed as a modification of the Sumrak TU 8517271 0-57149791-01-08 FSB. The suit is designed for continuous wear under field conditions during the simulation training or fighting with the appropriate colors and the temperature range of the environment. The suit is defined as a special product, dual purpose. Available in a wide range of colors from white obscurant fabric surface density of 160 g / m2 was 33% viscose, 67% polyester. Tried various tissues (100% s / w to 100% PE), time has proved the best solution. This material is strong enough, does not crumple, do not shed enough resistant, hygroscopic, dries quickly, because of the viscose it colds in the heat. The total package includes jacket, pants and a packing bag. The average weight is 215g. Free ergonomic cut for maximum freedom of movement. The strength of the connection parts in the suit the load-bearing joints provide a triple-thread stitching. The most critical areas for wear (in the elbows, knees and buttocks) are reinforcing plates. The elbows and knees are folds, tucks for convex volume necessary for freedom of movement. Jacket elongated straight silhouette with a central onboard fastener 6 slot buttons, with side ties at the waist, with a hood and camouflage on the bottom of the sleeve cuffs with thumb slits. Back upper part before and sleeves, which ensures the best use of camouflage pattern camouflage properties and provides comfort when wearing bullet-proof vests and backpacks large mass (the seams do not rub your back and shoulders of the employee side braces do not interfere with the ventilation of the back). On the shoulders on each side arranged in nine belt loops for attaching additional plant disguise firmly sewn on special machine. On the side of the waist and at the bottom of the sleeves are arranged elastic tie (gum), camouflage cuffs if necessary cleaned under the gum inside the sleeves. As before have four pockets: two breast and two slotted side sealed volume with scalloped flaps, rounded shape which does not have a ride up corners and in classic Russian Soviet-style. Hood union type with the hearing of the mesh inserts in the ears may cap worn over or under helmet with the possibility of application of devices for hearing protection. Sophisticated tailoring the shape of the hood provides a clear head snare not fit, there is no need for additional adjustments, there is a tie tape to the personal slice, side visibility is not hampered. All the buttons gap in the solid textile leg, eliminating the gap. In the armpits has ventilation of the mesh insert.
Trousers volume without side seams with an average depth of the seat. Belt stitched with elastic side ties, which provide regulation and a snug fit to the waist at the same time do not have a lot of pressure on his stomach in the field, as opposed to the circular elastic waistband with an elastic band. The belt belt loops for a belt (partupeya tactical belt and so on. P.) And holders for fixing the X-shaped braces. Pants have four pockets, two inclined side seams and two in the rear overhead valves with curly, framed gap button. Reinforced back pockets adopt it under the stores of small arms (AK 7.62; 5.45). Main seams in trousers processed flat denim 3 thread seam. Bottom pulled the elastic tape to protect it from the bottom of midges.


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