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Gas Mask PMK 2

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The gas mask PMK 2 is designed to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes of troops from the effects of poisonous, radioactive, potent toxic substances, bacterial agents, and radioactive dust. The PMK 2 gas mask can be used in the autumn, winter and spring periods of the year in night and day conditions, at temperatures from minus 40 ° С to 40 ° С and relative air humidity up to 98%. The PMK 2 gas mask provides the ability to receive water in an infected atmosphere.
Main characteristics:
Resistance to breathing on inspiration at a constant air flow rate of 30 l / min, (Pa) mm water. Art. - 180 (18)
filter life - 240 hours,
length of continuous stay - 24 hours,
speech intelligibility - 95%,
Operating temperature range, ° С - 40 ... + 40
Overall dimensions, mm 310 × 180 × 180
Modern gas mask PMK, with a high degree of protection and increased wearing comfort. Military version of the gas mask GP-7. It has a number of improvements over the civilian version. The special design of large glasses, significantly improving visibility and allowing for targeted shooting and working with optics. Equipped with a device for receiving water and an adapter to the army flask. It is completed with a filter with increased absorption power.


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